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Erkodent Collection

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Dental thermoforming technique for more than 50 years

Important patents give proof of the intensive development efforts in the field of the dental thermoforming technique.
Erkopress pressure and Erkoform vacuum forming units, sensor technology for determination of the exact thermoforming temperature, powerful pressure and vacuum reserve technology etc. are examples. Highly specialized thermoforming materials, practice-oriented working materials and comprehensive application brochures complete the range of products.

Experience, inventiveness and creativity – Erkodent.

New developments, further developments, and evaluation of internal and external ideas succeed by more than 50 years of experience and inventiveness that is broadly shared by the team.

Erkodent recently announced the new Aligner material Ekodure-al which is approximately 35% softer with a correspondingly lower initial force and feeling of tension during insertion. Due to the very flat memory loss curve, the effective force of Erkodur-al lasts comparatively longer.

Erkodent Also launched Erkopress 240 model is the pressure forming device with automated thermoforming process for up to 6 models with base and for up to 9 models without base, to connect with the existing compressed air system.

Erkodent is the company an improvement-oriented concentrating on the existing portfolio, open-mindedness toward new ideas, and the fulfillment of customer requirements. Take a look at the latest thermoforming technology of Erkodent.

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