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Erkoflex Unicoloured


Quantity 5 piece/1pack

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Rubbery, soft-elastique thermoforming foil, ethylvinylacetate (EVA), different colours, for the fabrication of soft occlusal splint, Positioners and Playsafe sports mouthguard.

Medical Device Class 1





Erkoflex Round discs are available in 120 mm diameter, with 125 mm diameter discs available for select materials.

All Erkodent thermoforming discs are BPA free and are manufactured using medical-grade materials and precision extruding methods for the highest levels of biocompatibility and tolerance. Erkodent is an ISO-certified manufacturer and all materials are CE marked according to ECC guidelines.

For material safety data sheets (MSDS) and other item-specific documentation resources, please visit here


Weight N/A

Ø 120 mm, Ø 125 mm, 125 x 125 mm


Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Bright Blue, Bright Green, Bright Pink, Light Blue, Transparent, Deep Red, Night Blue, Maroon, Deep Green, Pure White Deep Black, Gold, Silver, Pure White, Deep Black


2.00mm, 4.00mm