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Jireh Trading

Lisko Polishing Discs


Lisko polishing discs with open structure for cooling, unique for working soft materials. 3 grain sizes:

  • brown – coarse
  • grey – medium
  • white – fine


Material Specification

The discs adapt flexibly to the contours of the surface which has to be worked. They distinguish by only small heat development, do not smear and ensure constant results due to particles which are polished off steadily.


Max. number of revs. 5000/min. In case of fine grain size grind under low pressure only. Wear protective glasses.


Excellently suited for grinding and smoothing flexible acrylics, silicones or other soft materials. They are also suited for prepolishing metal and other acrylics.


Grain Size

Fine, Medium, Coarse, Assorted


10, 100