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Liskosil-m, diametre app. 27 mm, thickness app. 2 mm, allows the same result as Liskosil-l in narrow areas, e.g. in the papilla area of a splint.

Material Specification
Liskosil is a fine-abrasive polishing disc with an enormous service-life, which not only allows fine-grained removal of material, but also removes larger quantities of material by increasing the contact pressure. No matter whether it is coardse or fine sanding, a fine, slightly mat surface is always left, which in many cases does not require a high gloss polish.
Ideal speed range for Liskosil, 5.000 – 10.000 rpm, wear protective glasses.
For all thermoforming materials, printed and milled plastics, also metals and silicones.

6, 100