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Oxydens Clean-Set


Complete set with Clean-box, Clean-cup and 32 cleansing tablets. An intensively tested cleansing system for all dental splints that are fabricated with the Erkodent thermoforming technique like bruxism splints, Playsafe sports mouthguards, Silensor-sl anti-snoring devices, orthodontic appliances, correction splints, aligner, retainers, dentures and similar.

Medical Device Class 1

Keep away from children! Avoid contact with eyes! 1. Fill the Oxydens Clean-cup with warm water up to the upper end of the clear window. 2./3. Place one Oxydens tablet and the splint to be cleaned into the Oxydens Clean-box. 4./5. Put the closed Clean-box into the Clean-cup for approx. 15 min. 6. Rinse well the splint through the Clean-box from both sides. Shake out water and store the splint in the Clean-box. 7. Rinse the splint one more time with water before use.
For the cleaning of dental splints
• remove plaque and mineral deposits
• remove smells
• fresh and clean splints
• prevent discoloring
• practical Oxydens Clean-set for hygienic use and storage

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